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Client Profiles

Professional Audio Video Retailers Associations

PARA represents over 300 specialty electronics retailers and manufactures in North America. Over the past three years Mira has been engaged by the association to --

  • Conduct an in-depth study of the home electronics industry, including interviews, surveys and in-company visits.
  • Design and conduct two four-day conferences, each involving approximately 500 members 0f the association, rated by attendees as the most successful in the history of the association.
  • Work with the Board of  Directors of PARA to  prepare two 3 year strategic plans to dramatically expand the range and depth of services provided by the association to members.


Minnesota Technology Inc.

Over the past three years Mira has partnered with MTI, a public non-profit corporation established by the State of Minnesota, to conduct strategic planning processes for more that 20 manufacturing companies in the state. Under MTI's growth companies program, Mira has also conducted three in-depth strategic business assessments of high potential industrial firms in the non-metro area.


National Tool & Machining Association

NTMA represents over 2500 precision-machining, tool & die, mold and contract manufacturing companies across the USA. Mira has conducted studies of the industry, including surveys, interviews and in-company research, as well as several highly successful national conferences and regional seminars for members of the association on themes such as planning, organizations and marketing.


Kansas Manufacturing Assn.

Under a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, Mira assisted an allied group of 20 manufacturing companies to develop detailed strategic plans to diversify into non-defense businesses while increasing revenues and raising profitability.



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