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Growth Formula

Mira Services

Strategic Business Assessment

Phase I Studies
Mira conducts strategic business assessments for companies to evaluate the present performance of their businesses, assess prospects and potentials for growth, identify unutilized strengths and unaddressed weaknesses, and formulate specific recommendations to accelerate growth and improve profitability.  Our typical objective is to present recommendations that can double or triple profits within 18 to 24 months.

We focus on the process of corporate growth and ways to energize a company to accelerate its progress.  The study covers all five components of the business-

  • Market - the needs in the market that the company seeks to service and how it meets those needs, including sales, marketing, customer service.

  • Technology - the products and services the company offers to meet customer needs including product development, design, engineering, production, service delivery, quality and productivity.

  • People - recruiting, training, compensating and motivating employees, with emphasis on eliminating stress and changing attitudes that impede on growth.

  • Finance - the strategies and systems the company utilizes to raise, invest, and manage financial resources.

  • Organization - the structures, systems, communication and coordination management utilizes to deliver value-added products and services to meet customer needs, with major emphasis on streamlining systems to support smoother, less stressful, more rapid and efficient performance, so the business can naturally expand.


Phase 2 Projects - Implementation Programs

Mira works closely with clients to implement recommendationns and achieve tangible results.  Phase 2 projects can be focused on specific issues such as value implementation, project management, systems development or compensation plans or they may focus on comprehensive implementation of all the strategies needed to achieve targeted revenue and profit goals.


Performance-Based Consulting

Mira also works with clients on a performance basis in wich our compensation is primarily on the basis of achieving agreed upon goals for increasing profits plus a modest monthly retainer during the course of the contract.  Fees and terms are negotiated ona case-by-case basis.



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